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  My hobby

  My hobby is reading books, because I can get many useful knowledge form thebook. I always read books after school in my room, and my friends all like reading. My mother gives me a book for my birthday gift, I was very happy.So I suggest you to read books every day, it is a good hobby.


  My hobby

  My hobby is listening to music. When I was a child I enjoy listening to music especially the cartoon music, I often lose myself in it. When I am in trouble, music can make me calm down. When I am very tired , it can make me comfortable . When I am angry with something , it aslo can make me happy again.Do you like listening to music? If not, I hope you can have a try, you will find it beneficial.


  My hobby

  I am XXX.I'm a soccer fan,but I used to be a movie fan.My interests are chaning all the time.I used to be to enjoy listening to music,and I wasn't interested in sports at all.But now,my hobby is doing sports.

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